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Verse : 2 Em /2 D / 2 C / 2 G
I’m not a rastaman, nor have I ever claimed to be
I’ve never been one of those who believe in Jah
Even if I don’t have dreadlocks it won’t change my thoughts
It’s not going to upset my will to play reggae music

Chorus : Em / Bm / A / Bm
Meditation, and the time has come for you to free your mind
Meditation, close your eyes and concentrate on your breathing
Meditation, close them tight tight tight and enjoy meditation

Verse :
Since the beginning to stop never was an option
We want to make you move positively wherever we can
Take your time and let yourself be carried by this mystical riddim
Put all your worries aside and let you be cradled by this feeling.


Verse :
Cultivate peace and tranquillity why not grow spiritual passivity
And you will know how deeply it can feed your soul
It can feed your soul, it can feed your soul Feed your soul