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A versatile musician for more than 15 years, Cedric made his debut within the association BreizhZion -of which he was co-founder in 2003- specialized in open stages and concerts organization (about 150 bands over 4 years).

In 2005, he joined the band Papa SOHOU (singer of Togolese origin).

In 2008, he became the guitarist of the Virginia Island & The Roots Syndicate, as well as the bassist of the One Way Family (group he founded with the singer Rasfka) and 2nd guitarist with the Soulfyah Band.
He moved to Brittany in 2012 where he joined the Cool Runnings (2013) and then The Humanizers in 2014 as a guitarist.
Also a live and studio sound manager, he records the albums of his bands.

He joins the band Faygo as lead guitarist in 2018.
Composer and arranger, he rhythmically masters the nuances of reggae while combining improvised or arranged solos to the repertoire.