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Blooming #2


For this second volume of the album BLOOMING, also composed of 4 tracks and 4 dubs, Faygo blossoms a little more and reveals new facets through three different pens. With always for objective to incorporate the widened range of musical influences of each member of the group.

The collective compositions, carried by the various authors, also endeavor to preserve the harmony, continuity and overall consistency with the first opus. The copper section and the choirs are also renewed to preserve this coherence in the musical color of the whole.

On substance, the guideline of this BLOOMING is without any doubt the commitment for a return to the essential, by questioning us on what is good for humanity while acting to preserve our environment and our planet. Themes that are dear to the values of Reggae, which are unfortunately still relevant and which, more than ever, need to be reaffirmed.

The tour in Thailand in the spring of 2020 will once again be anchored in BLOOMING #2 with the participation of Masia One. The band met twice with this Singaporean artist with hip-hop / reggae / dub influences during their Thai tour. Since these meetings, a regular exchange was set up and allowed the production of various collaborative pieces.