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Blooming #1


For this third album named Blooming 1, Faygo changes their angle of thinking and returns with an even more rootsy sound colored with world influences. The group also decides to incorporate the range of musical influences of each of its members.

Themes such as unity, sharing, philosophy, and altruism are a continuation of the first two releases. The tour in Thailand leaves an empirical legacy in the new creations: the cohesion of the band is at its peak, this feeling is omnipresent in the new songs and the immediate feeling.

The way of working differs this time by the integration of the brass section from the creation of the titles, as well as in the individual initiative in the proposals, which once adopted, are debated and enriched in the form of collective participation. Blooming 1 promises to be the opening of a trilogy that will make you appreciate the evolution of their blooming.